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1st Generation Fire TV. Use your Amazon Fire TV controller to navigate to the Fire TV home screen. Select Settings > Controllers > Fire TV Remotes > Add New Remote. Harmony and Fire TV should pair after several seconds. If you experience issues, restart Amazon Fire TV and try these steps again. 2nd Generation Fire TV. If you are able to get this working with your particular cameras, set up might be even easier. Once the cameras are set up with Synology and configured with the Roku app, you can then add them to any TV where you have a Roku streaming device. For the bedroom TV, I have this application as the screensaver so when the TV is idle, the front camera. First, you should know if your Roku isn't connected to a Wi-Fi network, it won't have an IP address. Once you can get your Roku connected to Wi-Fi without a remote using the steps above, you can then find the IP address. Using the Roku app, go to Remote and tap on the Home button. Use the arrow pad to navigate to Settings > Network > About. DirecTV Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV. 11756. 10818. ATT Uverse Model Number: S10-S1 Remote Codes For ROKU TV. 1346. 1097. Bright House Cable Model Number: URC1056 Remote Codes For ROKU TV.
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